2004 Annual International Research Conference on Methyl Bromide Alternatives and Emissions Reductions

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Plenary 1.  Shari Yvon-Lewis , Texas A&M - Methyl Bromide in the Atmosphere: A Scientific Overview and Update.

Plenary 1.  Hodayah Finman , EPA – CUE Allocation.

Plenary 1.  Burleson Smith, USDA Update on QPS.

Plenary 1.  James Nicol, Great LakesMethyl Bromide - Supplying the Critical Need.

Plenary 2.  Bill Chism, EPA -EPA Involvement with NMS.

Plenary 2.  Burleson Smith, USDA – USDA Involvement with NMS.

Plenary 2.  Dan Botts, FFVA –An Example of Industry Response to Developing a NMS

Plenary 3.  Jim Jones, EPA – Introduction to the Comparative Risk Assessment.

Plenary 3.  Richard Reiss, Sciences International – Estimating Fumigant Buffer Zones for Bystanders by Air Dispersion Modeling.

Plenary 3.  David McAllister, Great lakes Chemical Company – Registrant Perspective.

Plenary 3.  Scott Yates, USDA-ARS – Alternatives for Risk Mitigation.

Plenary 4.  Leesch, Jim-A Summary of the Current Status of Methyl Bromide Alternatives in Postharvest Pest Control.

Plenary 4. Ramsey, StewartFailure to Adopt Developed Alternative Techniques for Postharvest Systems.

Plenary 4. Chism, Bill-Gaps in Research and Issues for CUE                   Applications.

Plenary 4. Schaub, James-Economic Forces and Progress with                  Postharvest Methyl Bromide Alternatives

Plenary 5. Schneider, Sally-A Summary of the Current Status of Methyl Bromide Alternatives in PrePlant Pest Control.

Plenary 5. Ramsey, Stewart-Failure to Adopt Developed Alternative Techniques for PrePlant Systems.

Plenary 5. Chism, Bill-Gaps in Research and Issues for CUE Applications.

Plenary 5. Schaub, James-Economic Forces and Progress with PrePlant Methyl Bromide Alternatives

 Noling, J. W. (1)-Use of Virtually Impermeable Plastic Mulches (VIF) in Florida Strawberry.

Hail, J (2)-Reduced Rates of MBR and C35 Under LDPE and VIF for Control of Soil Pests and Pathogens.

Wigley, Simon (3)-VIF: A Supplier’s View.

Fennimore, Steven (4)-Weed Response to Chloropicrin and InLine™ Dose under VIF and Standard Film.

Santos , Bielinski (5)-Cyperus Spp.Control with Reduced Methyl Bromide Rates Under VIF in Pepper.

Gerik, James S. (6)-Soil Fumigation for Liatris Production.

Browne, Greg T (7)-Potential of Chemical and Non Chemical Approaches for Managing Prunus Replant Disease.

Schneider, Sally (8)-Vineyard Replant: Performance of Methyl Bromide Alternatives Over Time.

Trout, Tom (9)-Economics of Methyl Bromide Alternatives for Orchard Replant in California .

McSorley, Robert (10)-Comparison of Alternative Fumigants in Cut Flowers.

Condole, Byron (11)-Effects of Mulch Type on the Efficacy of Drip Applied Metam Sodium as a Soil Fumigant.  Tables

Rodriguez-Kabana, Rodrigo (12)-Combinations of Metam Sodium and Propylene Oxide for Weed Control.

Sullivan, David A. (13)-Update on Buffer Zone Assessments for Fumigants Based on the FEMS Model.

Rodriguez-Kabana, Rodrigo (14)-Potential Of Combination Treatments of Methyl Disulfide and Metam Sodium for Weed Control.

Sances, Frank V. (15)-Use of Plug Plants and Ozone Safe Chemical Fumigants as Alternatives to Methyl Bromide on California Strawberries and Other Coastal High-Cash Crops.

Fennimore, Steven (16)-Alternative Fumigants for Strawberry Nursery Production in California : A Summary.

Lopez-Aranda, Jose Manuel (17)-Chemical Alternatives to Methyl bromide for Strawberry Nurseries in Spain , 2003 Results.

Martin, Frank (18)-Correlation Between Remote Sensing Data and Strawberry Growth and Yield.

Waterford , Colin (19)-Ethanedinitrile (C2N2) -- A Novel Soil Fumigant for Insect, Nematode, Pathogen and Weed Control.

Gilreath, James (21)-Effective Rate of Propylene Oxide for Nutsedge Control.

Warren, Morris (22A)-PROPOZONE™ Soil Fumigant 2004.

Rodriguez-Kabana, Rodrigo (22)-A Dosimetric Study on the Herbicidal Activity of Acrolein [2-Propenal].

Belcher, Jason (23)-Acrolein and Propylene Oxide: Alternatives to Methyl Bromide for Weed Control in Turf.

Besri, Mohamed (24)-Progress in Phasing Out Methyl Bromide for Tomato Production in Developing and Developed Countries.

Norton, Jack (25)-IR-4 Methyl Bromide Alternatives Program Update and Review.

Vaculin, Paul D. (26)-Metam and Chloropicrin Combinations as Methyl Bromide/Chloropicrin Alternatives.

Desaeger, Johan (27)-Drip Applied Soil Pesticides for Nematode Control in Double-cropped Vegetable Systems.

Safley, Charles (28)-Economic Evaluation of Methyl Bromide Alternatives for Strawberry Production.

Schneider, Sally (29)-Perennial Crop Nurseries – Performance of Methyl Bromide Alternatives in the Field.

Lampinen, Bruce (30)-Alternative Pre–Plant Soil Fumigation Treatments for Deciduous Tree Crops.

Carey, William (31)-Increasing Fumigant Efficacy with VIF.

Elmore, Clyde L. (32)-Three Years of Preplant Shank or Drip Fumigation.

McSorley, Robert (33)-Evaluation of Losses to Snapdragon from Soilborne Pests and Diseases.

Hafez, Saad L. (34)-Integrated Nonchemical Approach – A Viable Option of Methyl Bromide Alternatives in Lebanon Vegetable Production.

Trout, Tom (35)-Adoption of Methyl Bromide Alternatives by California Strawberry Growers.

Lopez-Aranda, Jose Manuel (36)-Soil Solarization and Biofumigation Using Sprayable Plastic Polymers for Strawberry Production.

Jacobsen, Barry (37)-Mycofumigation and Development of Biorational Mixtures of Volatile Components.

Ajwa, Husein (38)-Strawberry Yield with Chloropicrin and In Line® in Combination with Metam Sodium and VIF.

Cortright, Brian (39)-Comparing Fumigants for Control of Phytophora capsici in Vegetable Crops.

Chellemi, Dan O. (40)-Evaluation of Methyl Bromide Alternatives on Commercial Vegetable Farms.

Lopez-Aranda, Jose Manuel (41)-Chemical Alternatives to Methyl Bromide for Strawberry Production in Huelva ( SPAIN ), 2003/2004 Results.

Daugovish, Oleg (42)-Weed Control in Strawberry with Oxyflourfen (Goal®).

Louws, Frank (43)-Efficacy of Methyl Bromide Alternatives for Verticillium and Weed Management in Tomatoes.

Smith, Kelly (44)-Pasteuriafor Nematode control: Development of a Commercial Production Process.

Wang, Koon-Hui (45)-Impact of Methyl Bromide on Nematode Communities.

Theis, Judy (46)-Use of Resistant Bell Peppers to Manage Root-knot Nematodes in a Sub-tropical Environment.

Richards, Douglas (48)-SEP™100, A Sodium Azide-Based Broad Spectrum Pesticide.

Rodriguez-Kabana, Rodrigo (49)-Sodium Azide [SEP™100] for Control of Root-knot Nematode, Weeds, and Soil Borne Disease in Cantaloupe Production.

Noling, Joseph (50)-New Products for use as Methyl Bromide Alternatives in Tomato.

Gilreath, James (51)-Purple Nutsedge Control with Iodomethane.

Isikber, A. A. (52)-Propylene Oxide as a Potential Quarantine Fumigant for Disinfestation of Nuts.

Muhareb, Jeannette (53)-Efficacy and Comparison of Four Fumigants as Replacements for Methyl Bromide.

Griffith , Tom (54)-Propylene Oxide, A Versatile Fumigant, A Safe Pesticide.

Muhareb, Jeannette (55)-Efficacy of Profume™ on Stored Product Insects Under Two Atmospheric Conditions.

Abe, Yutaka (56)-New Fumigants, Ecofume and Ecotwin, to Control Insect Pests in Log.

DePalo, Michael (57)-Cylinderized Phosphine Fumigants: Sustainable Alternatives for Stored Product Protection.

Horn, Franziskus (58)-Fresh Fruit Fumigation with Phosphine as Alternative for Methyl Bromide.

Horn, Pedro (59)-Postharvest Phosphine Fumigation of Nuts Using the Horn Diluphos System (HDS).

Waterford , Colin (60)-An Australian Update on Carbonyl Sulfide and Ethyl Formate.

Silhacek, Don (61)-Managing Indian Meal Moth Populations by Compromising Larval Growth.

van S. Graver, Jan (62)-A New Phosphine Generator from Australia .

Hosoda, Ed (63)-Practical Observations on the Benefits of ProFume®.

Welker, Jeff (64)-Update on the Development and Commercialization of ProFume® Gas Fumigant as an Alternative to Methyl Bromide.

Colemen, Jay (65)-Field Experience with ProFume® Gas Fumigant.

Williams, Bob (66)-The ProFume® Fumiguide: A New Novel Tool to Manage and Improve Fumigations.

Campbell , James (67)-Flour Mill Fumigations: Action Thresholds, Efficacy and Rebound.

Yeaman, Herb (69)-Flexibility of ProFume® Gas Fumigant.

Joyce, Peter (70)-Methyl Bromide Scrubbing Technology Development.

van S. Graver, Jan (71)-Training as a Means to Reduce Methyl Bromide Emissions During Fumigations Treatments.

Siegel, Joel (72)-Entomopathogenic Nematodes for Control of Overwintering Navel Orangeworm.

Follett, Peter (73)-Irradiation Replaces Methyl Bromide for Sweetpotatoes Exported from Hawaii .

Johnson, Judy (74)-Non-Chemical Alternatives for Dried Fruits and Nuts: Issues and Opportunities.

Wang, Shaojin (75)-Update on Development of Postharvest Pest Control Treatments for Nuts, Citrus and Tropical Fruits Using RF Energy.

Martin, Frank (76)-Correlation Between Remote Sensing Data and Strawberry Growth and Yield.

Brito, Janete (77)-Meloidogyne mayaguensis Reproduction on Resistant Tomato and Pepper.

Dimock, Michael (78)-Current Status of Basamid® G in the USA .

Duerksen, Chuck (79)-Drip Fumigation with K-Pam HL and Vapam HL.

Gao, Suduan (80)-Distribution and Dissipation of 1,3-D and Chloropicrin after Shank and Drip Applications in a Clay Loam Soil.

Dickson, Don (81)-Meloidogyne mayaguenis a New Plant Nematode Species, Poses Threat for Vegetable Production in Florida .

Shrestha, Anil (82)-Effect of Alternative Fumigants on Weed Populations in Nurseries.

Kobara, Yuso (84)-Atmospheric 1,3-Dichloropropene in the Kanto Area ( Japan ) after a Ban on Methyl Bromide.

Gerik, James (85)-Soil Fumigation for Freesia Production.

Warren , Morris (86)-Propylene Oxide Poster Summary

Church, Greg (87)-Evaluation of DMDS for Production of Ornamental Cockscomb (Celosia argentea).

Driver, Jim (88)-IPM and Fumigation: Host Resistance to Manage Phytophthora in Peppers.

Louws, Frank (89)-Integration of Biological Control for Management of Strawberry Root Rot.

Follett, Peter (90)-A Generic Irradiation Dose for Postharvest Control of Fruit Flies Worldwide.

Obenland, David (91)-Sensory Evaluation of Stone Fruit Following Heat/Controlled Atmosphere Treatment.

Joyce, Peter (92)-Methyl Bromide Scrubbing Technology Development.

Waterford , Colin (93)-Toxicity of Ethanedinitrile (C2N2) to Timber or Wood Related Insect Pests.

Waterford , Colin (94)-Biosecurity Applications of Ethanedinitrile (C2N2) Fumigation.

Armstrong, John (95)-MB Concentration, Fumigation Time, and Temperature Effects on Fruit Fly Mortality.

Hewlett, Thomas (96)-Production of the Nematode Biocontrol Agent Pasteuria spp. the Hard Way.

Arthur, Frank (97)-Efficacy of Pyrethrin Aerosol in Simulated Field Applications.

Tateya, Akio (98)-Control Efficacy to Tobamo-virus of Alternatives to Methyl Bromide.

Goodhue, Rachael (99)-Economics of VIF with Inline and PIC EC in Strawberries.

Goodhue, Rachael (100)-Economics of Methyl Bromide Use in California Strawberries: CUE Criteria.

Ghini, Raquel (101)-A Decade of Solar Use for Substrate Desinfestation in Brazil .

Ghini, Raquel (102)-Use of Sewage Sludge to Induce Soilborne Pathogens.


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