2005 Annual International Research Conference on Methyl Bromide Alternatives and Emissions Reductions

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Plenary 2.  Randy SegawaFumigant Regulatory Requirements

Plenary 3.  Larry Zettler  QPS Update

Plenary 3.  Michelle Marcotte – Cocoa Case Study

Shem-Tov, S (4)- Effect of Alternative Tarp and Fumigants Combinations with Metam Sodium on Strawberry Yield.

Lopez‑Aranda, J. M. (5)- Demonstrations on Alternatives to MB for Strawberry in Spain . 2004 – 2005 Results.

Goodhue, Rachael E. (6)- Strawberry Production Economics:  VIF and Drip-Applied 1,3-D and Chloropicrin.

Ajwa, Hussein A. (7)- Strawberry Yield and Weed Control with Shank and Drip Applied Midas.

Noling, Joseph W. (8)- Commercial Field Evaluations of                       Methyl Bromide Alternatives In Florida Strawberry.

Lopez-Aranda, J. M. (9)- Evaluation of Methyl Bromide Alternatives for Strawberry in Florida and Spain .

Porter, Ian (10)-Review and Analysis of International Research of Alternatives to Methyl Bromide for Pre-Plant Fumigation.

Welker, Robert (11)-Methyl Bromide Alternatives Training for  Extension Agents and Growers.

Trout, Tom (12)-Fumigant Use in California .

Tostovrsnik, Natalie (13)-Facilitating the Adoption of Alternatives to Methyl bromide in Australian Horticulture.

Candole, Byron (14)-Concentrations and Efficacy of InLine and Vapam in Raised Plastic-Mulched Beds.

Welker, Robert (15)-Efficacy of Fall and Spring Applied Methyl Bromide Alternatives in Tomatoes.

Siham, Myriam N. (16)-Methyl Bromide Rate Reduction and Mulch Effect on Nutsedge Control.

Gilreath, James P. (17)-Effect of VIF on Metam, Chloropicrin and 1,3-Dichloropropene, Alone and in Combination.

Sances, Frank (18)-Ten Years of Methyl Bromide Alternatives Research and Development: Lessons Learned.

Rodriguez-Kabana, R. (19)-Combinations of Sodium Azide and Commercially Available Herbicide for Weed Control.

Warren , Morris (20)-Versatile Propylene Oxide.

Walker, R. H.  (21)-SEP 100:  Pest Efficacy and Crop Tolerance.

Robinson, Phillip W. (22)-Dimethyl Disulfide (DMDS):  A Methyl Bromide Replacement Candidate.

Rodriguez-Kabana, R. (23)-Herbicidal Activities of Combinations of Sodium Azide (SEP-100®) with Metam Na and Other Sulfur Containing Compounds.

Belcher, J. L. (24)-Tomato and Pest Response to Acrolein (2-propenal).

Simmons, L. J. (25)-Herbicidal Effects of Acrolein (2-Propenal) in Combination with EPTC and Halsulfuron.

Rodriguez-Kabana, R. (26)-Herbicidal and Nematicidal Properties of Drench Applications of Furfural (2-Furfuraldehyde).

Burger, G. J. (27)-An Overview of the Development of Furfural (Crop Guard®) as a Nematicide in South Africa :  The Chemistry of Furfural within the Soil and Agricultural Environment.

Rodriguez-Kabana, R. (28)-Fungicidal, Herbicidal and Nematicidal Activities of Essential Oils in Slow Release Formulations.    

Burger, G. J. (29)-An Overview of the Development of Furfural (Crop Guard®) as a Nematicide in South Africa : The Biological Efficacy of Furfural within the Agricultural Environment.       

Rodriguez-Kabana, R. (30)-Combinations of Furfural (2-Furfuraldehyde) with Metam Na and Dazomet for Weed Control.

Sullivan, David A. (31)-Recent Developments of the FEMS Model to Promote Realistic Buffer Zones for Fumigants.  

Chart, Ian (32)-Metam Sodium and Metam Potassium Regulatory Update.

Norton, Jack A. (33)-A Review of Methyl Bromide Alternatives Evaluated by IR-4.

Mann, R. C.  (34)-Evaluating Novel Soil Fumigants for Australian Horticulture.

Trout, Tom (35)-Irrigation Practices that Improve Drip Fumigation.

Sullivan, David A. (36)-Results of the USDA Study:  Commercialization of Enhanced Water Sealing Methods.

McKenry, Michael (37)-Strategies and Tactics for Fumigating Clay Loam Soils.

Lagunas-Solar, Manuel C. (38)-Thermal Disinfection of Soils with Radiofrequency Power.

Joyce, Peter (39)-Methyl Bromide Scrubber for Elimination of Soil Emissions.

Gilreath, James P. (40)-Equipment Modifications for Successful Applications of Low Fumigant Rates.  

Schneider, S. (41)-Methyl Bromide Alternatives for Perennial Crop Field Nurseries.

Wang, Dong (42)-Emission and Soil Distribution of Fumigants In Forest Tree Nurseries.

Muckenfuss, Adam (43)-Basamid ® G for Weed Control in Forest Tree Nurseries.

Lampinen, B. (44)-Alternative Pre-Plant Soil Fumigation Treatments for Deciduous Tree Crops.

Schneider, S. (45)-Field Evaluations of Methyl Bromide Alternatives for Vineyard Replant.

Shrestha, Anil (46)-Weed Populations in Nurseries as Affected by Methyl Bromide and Alternative Fumigants.

Besri, Mohamed (47)-Current Situation of Tomato Grafting as Alternative to Methyl Bromide for Tomato Production in the Mediterranean Region.

Chellemi, Dan O. (48)-Impact of Land Management Practices on Soilborne Pests and Productivity of Tomatoes.

Kreger, Robert (49)-Performance of Midas ® 50:50 in the Southeastern US .

Browne, G (50)-Effects of VIF and Chloropicrin and InLine Rates on Survival of Nematodes and Pathogens in Soils.

Noling, Joseph W.  (51)-Associations of Soil Factors, Fumigant Efficacy, and Field Distribution of Nematodes.

Walgenbach, Paul (52)-Muscodor: A New Biofumigant as an Alternative to Methyl Bromide.

Ajwa, Hussein A. (53)-Strawberry Yield with Various Rates of Chloropicrin and InLine Applied Under VIF.

Fennimore, Steve (54)-Chloropicrin and InLine Lethal Dose on Nutsedge and Knotweed Under Impermeable Film.

Shem-Tov, S. (55)-Effect of Band or Bed Top Applied Basamid on Strawberry Weed Control and Yield.

Damodaran, Nimmi (56)-Research Trends on Alternatives to Methyl Bromide for Strawberries and Tomatoes.

Lopez‑Aranda, J. M. (57)-Alternatives to MB for Strawberry Nurseries in Spain . 2004 Results.

Ducom, Patrick (60)-The Issue of Phosphine Insecticide Efficacy.

Horn, Franzisfus (61)-Current Practice in Fresh Fruit Fumigation with Phosphine.

Horn, Pedro (62)-Control of False Chilean Mite with Phosphine and Cold Storage.

Glassey, K.L. (63)-Phosphine as an Alternative to Methyl Bromide for the Fumigation of Pine Logs and Sawn Timber.

Klementz, Dagmar (64)-Disinfestation of Table Grapes with Pure Phosphine: Residues and Quality Aspects.

Leesch, Jim (65)-The Toxicity of Ozone to Black Widow Spiders.

Armstrong, Jack (66)-Methyl Bromide Alternative for Green Coffee.

Kawakami, Fusao (67)-Methyl Iodide and Mixture of Gas of Methyl Isocyanate/Sulfuryl Fluoride Fumigation as a Quarantine Treatment for Solid Wood Packing.

Prabhakaran, Suresh (68)-Sulfuryl Fluoride as a Quarantine Treatment for the Pinewood Nematode in Unseasoned Pine.

Prabhakaran, Suresh (69)-Global development and Commercialization of Profume® Gas Fumigant.

Jenkins, Dan (70)-Germination of Seeds with Profume® Gas.

Hosoda, Ed (71)-The Commercialization of Profume ™  in California .

Williams, Robert (72)-Commercial Fumigations with Profume® Gas Fumigant in the United States, 2004-2005.

Mueller, John (73)-Field Experience with ProFume® Gas Fumigant in Food Handling Establishments.

Muhareb, Jeannette (74)-A Comparison of Sulfuryl Fluoride with Methyl Bromide on Stored Product Insects During Simulated Empty Mill Fumigations.

Chayaprasert, Watcharapol (75)-Structural Fumigation Modeling for Prediction of Gas Movement and Half-Loss Time.

Beaman, Jeff (76)-New Technologies and Modifications to Existing Methyl Bromide Treatment Schedules.

Knapp, Gary (77)-Operational Methyl Bromide Recapture Systems.

Wang, Shaojin (78)-Large-Scale Radio Frequency Treatments for Insect Control in Walnuts.

Abaraw, Mimoun (79)-An Introduction to Thermal Remediation from TEMP-AIR: A Patented Process to Eliminate Pests with Dry, Clean Heat – An Effective, Safe, and Economical Alternative to Methyl Bromide.

Lindsay, Bruce (80)-Update on Heat Treating Wood Packaging Materials to Comply with ISPM 15.

Johnson, Judy (81)-Vacuum Treatments for Tree Nuts.

Waterford , Colin (82)-The Status of Ethanedinitrile and Carbonyl Sulfide Registration in Australia .

van S. Graver, Jan (83)- Fumigation of Bulk Stored Wheat with Carbonyl Sulfide.

Ren, YongLin (84)-Development of New Ethyl Formate Formulation for Grain Storage.

Ren, YongLin (85)-Using Liquid Ethyl Formate for Disinfestation of Insect Pests in Farm Bins.

Ren, YongLin (86)-Toxicity of Ethanedinitrile (C2N2) to Timber Related Insect.

Marcotte, Michelle (87)-Hawaii Sweetpotato treatment Led to Regulatory Change.

Lagunas-Solar, Manuel (88)-Update on Metabolic Stress Disinfestation and Disinfection.

Mack, Ron (89)-Evaluation of Non-Thermal Metabolic Stress Disinfestation and Disinfection (MSDD) on Selected Pests of Perishables.

Liu, Young-Biao (90)-Ultra-low Oxygen Treatment for Postharvest Insect Control on Lettuce and Broccoli.

Hurley, Mike (91)-Confirmation of Phosphine Schedules and Survival of Three Moth Species on Almonds.

Arnold , Frank (92)-Measuring New Fumigants with Dräger-Tubes®.

Griffith , Tom (93)-Propylene Oxide, A Versatile Fumigant, A Safe Insecticide.

Silhacek, Don (94)-The Selection of Germ in Whole Wheat by Neonatal Plodia Larvae for Growth.

Subramanyam, Bhadriraju (95)-ProFumeä Fumigation of Rice Mills in California : Effectiveness and User Perceptions.

Waterford , Colin (96)- Ethanedinitrile as a Devitalising Agent for Stored Grain.

Ajwa, Husein (100)-Behavior of MITC in Soil After Application of Metam-Na and Metam-K.

Driver, Jim (101)-On-Farm Fumigation Trials for Strawberries in the Southeast.

Warren, Morris (102)-Versatile Propylene Oxide.

Wigley, Simon (103)-VIF-An Update.

Gerik, James (105)-Drip Applied Alternatives for Floriculture Production. 

Rosskopf, Erin (106)-Evaluation of AJMC-330 for Production of Ornamental Cockscomb(Celosia argentea).

Westerdahl, Becky B. (107)-  Management of Root-Knot Nematode on Carrots.

Nyczepir, Andrew P. (108)-Evaluation of Guardian™ Peach Rootstock to the Peach and Pecan Root-Knot Nematodes.

Gao, Suduan (109)-Potential of Using Surface Water Applications to Reduce Fumigation Emissions.

Kokalis-Burelle (110)-Review of the Non-Fumigant Nematicides Oxamyl and Fosthiazate.

Mazzola, Mark (111)-Suppression of Rhizoctonia Root Rot by Streptomyces in Brassica Seed Meal-Amended Soil.

Walgenbach, Paul (112)-Muscodor: A New Biofumigant as an Alternative to Methyl Bromide.

Loper, Joyce (113)-Genomic Sequence of the Biological Control Agent Pseudomonas Fluorescens PF-5.

Pinkerton, Jack (114)-Soil Solarization: A Component in Managing Raspberry Root Rot.

Ren, YoungLin (115)-International Collaboration on the Use of Alternative Fumigant to Treat Timber for Replacement of Methyl Bromide in Malaysia – Result from EDN (C2N2) Trial.

Ren, YoungLin (116)-Fate of 35S-Labelled COS on Grain and Grain Fraction.

Tubajika, Kayimbi M. (118)-Efficacy of Radio Frequency Against Sapstain and Wood Decay Fungi.

Kobara, Yuso (119)-Estimation of Atmospheric Concentrations of Methyl Bromide Alternatives After a Ban on Methyl Bromide.

Ryan, Robert F. (120)-Vapormate™ Disinfestation of Philippine Export Bananas.

Ryan, Robert F. (121)-Disinfestation of Food Processing Equipment.

Arthur, Frank (122)-Susceptibility of Different Life Stages of Tribolium spp. to Pyrethrin Aerosol.

Krishna , Hari (123)-Quarantine and Preshipment Applications Search for MB Alternatives in Fresh Produce.

Ndalut, Paul  (124)-Protection of Maize Grains from Weevils in Farmers Granaries in Rural Areas of Kenya by Improved Traditional Practices.

Chilembwe, Eric (125)-Evaluation of Local Substrates as Growth Media for Raising Tobacco Seedlings in Malawi .

Ngirazie, Lee (126)-Factors Contributing to the Successful Phase Out of Methyl Bromide in Tobacco Production in Malawi .

Trout, Tom (127)-Impact of Township Caps on Telone Use in California .


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