2006 Annual International Research Conference on Methyl Bromide Alternatives and Emissions Reductions

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Grey, Timothy (8) - Herbicide Dissipation From Low Density Polyethylene Mulch Utilizing Analytical Techniques

Gao, Suduan (9)- Evaluation of Water Seals on Emission Reduction of 1,3-Dichloropropene and Chloropicrin

Shem-Tov, Shachar (10)- Strawberry Yield and Weed Control a with Alternative Fumigants Applied in Combination with Metam Under Various Tarps

Vaculin, Paul (11)- Effect of Mulch Type on Metam Potassium Efficacy, Alone and in Combinations

 Fennimore, Steven A. (12)- Retention of Broadcast-Applied Fumigants with Impermeable Fumigant Film In Strawberry

Arnold, Frank (13)- Measuring New Fumigants with Draeger-Tubes

Yates, Scott R. (14)- Developing a Simple, Low-Cost Approach for Evaluating Emission Reduction Methods

Hyatt, Charles (15)- SOILFUME: A Graphical User Interface for Determining Fumigant Best Management Practices

Wang, Dong (16)- DRIPFUME: A Visual Program for Simulating Fumigant Emission and Movement in Soils

Sullivan, David A. (17)- Updates in FEMS Model to More Accurately Represent Exposures From Fumigants

Trout, Tom (18)- Fumigant Use in California – Response to the Phase-Out

McSorley, Robert (19)- Solarization as an Alternative to Methyl Bromide in Florida Floriculture

Theis, Judy A. (20)- Resistance of Watermelon Germplasm to Root-Knot Nematodes

Wang, K.-H. (21)- Effect of Solarization and Cover Cropping on Pests, Beneficials and Pepper Yield

Westphal, Andreas (22)- Use of Cover Crops for Management of Root Knot Nematodes in Cucurbits

Bernal, R. F. (23)- Effect of Soil Solarization Combined with Some Amendments and The Evaluation of Chemical Products for the Control of Meloidogyne incognita (chitwood) Kofoid and White

Simmons, Lee J. (24)- An Overview of Acrolein (2-Propenal) Research Conducted at Auburn University

Fennimore, Steven A. (25)- Evaluation of Acrolein for Weed Control in Tomato

Belcher, Jason (26)- Drip-Applications of Acrolein in Tomato

Welker, Robert (27), Acrolein and DMDS as methyl Bromide Alternatives in Tomatoes

McKenry, Michael (28)- Replacing Stone Fruit Orchards Without Soil Fumigation

Thomas, John E. (29)- Use of Wavelength Selective Plastic Mulches in Florida Tomato Production

Webster, Theodore M. (30)- Nutsedge Ecology in Plasticulture Affects Weed Management

Klose, Susanne (31)- Nitrogen Dynamics in Soils of Alternative Fumigation Systems

Noling, J. W. (32)- Methyl Bromide Transition Strategy for Florida Fruit & Vegetable Crops

Chellemi, Daniel (34)- Overview of Area-wide Pest Management Project for Methyl Bromide Alternatives South Atlantic Component

Browne, Greg (35)- Overview of Area-wide Pest Management Project for Methyl Bromide Alternatives Pacific Component

Ajwa, Husein (36)- Ranuculus Production with Methyl bromide Alternatives 

Rosskopf, Erin N. (37)- Evaluation of MIDAS™ For Production of Ornamental Cockscomb (Celosia argentea) in Florida    

Klose, Susanne (38)- Methyl bromide Alternatives for California-Grown Calla Lilies

Lampinen, Bruce D. (39)- Alternative Pre-Plant Soil Fumigation Treatments for Deciduous Tree Crops

Starkey, Tom (40)- Tree Seedling Quality and Weed Control with BASAMID, MBR and Methyl Iodide

Rodriguez-Kabana, R. (41)-  The Nematicidal and Herbicidal Activities of Furfural:  a Review

Buntting, E. (42)- The Biological Efficacy of Furfural on Turf in the South African Environment

Hensley, Jerry (43)- Development of Multigard™ Protect  (Furfural) for Nematode Control in Turf

Steyn, A. (44)- The Efficacy of Crop Guard® (furfural a.i.) as a Nematicide on Meloidogyne sp

Sances, Frank V. (45)- Symmetry®; a New Technology for Improved Fumigant Application and Worker Safety

Noling, J. W. (46)- Fumigant Synergies; The Importance of Chloropicrin

Noling, J. W. (47)- Identifying Causes of Pest Control Inconsistency with Soil Fumigation in Florida Strawberry

Sullivan, David (48)- Recent Advancements in Ambient Monitoring Methods to Support Buffer Zone Assessments for Agricultural Fumigants

Ha, Winsook (49)- Plastic Film Permeability to Soil Fumigants

Becker, J. O. (50)- Improved Plant Protection against Root-Knot Nematodes by Combining Biorational Approaches

Driver, J. G. (51)- Effects of Seed treatments to Manage Nematodes as an Alternative to Methyl Bromide on Cantaloupe

Cerintas, Ramazan (52)- The Bio-herbicidal Effe3cts of Daphne (Laurus nobilis L.) and Some of Its Important Components on the Germination of Some Weeds and Agronomic Crops

Mazzola, Mark (53)- Mechanisms and Efficacy of Brassicaceae Seed Meal-Induced Disease Control

Monfort, W. S. (54)- Brassica Species: Biocontrol for Soilborne Pathogens in Georgia Vegetable Plasticulture

Monfort, W. S. (55)- Brassica Species: Biocontrol for Root-Knot Nematodes in Georgia Vegetable Plasticulture

Ajwa, Husein (56)- Efficacy of Two Formulations of MIDAS for Strawberry Production

Shem-Tov, Sachar (57)- Strawberry Production and Weed Control in Soils Treated with BASAMID and Chloropicrin

López-Aranda, Jóse M. (58)- Strawberry Nurseries in Spain: Alternatives to MB, 2005 Results

López-Aranda, Jóse M. (59)- Strawberry Production in Spain: Alternatives to MB, 2006 Results

Horner, Ian J. (60)- Summary of Alternative Fumigant Trials in New Zealand Strawberries, 1998-2006

Louws, Frank J. (61)- Efficacy of Methyl Bromide Alternatives for Weed and Verticillium Management in Tomatoes

Walker, Robert H. (62)- Preplant Bermudagrass Control in Warm-Season Sod Without Methyl Bromide

Highland, H. Brett (63)- Muscodor Biofumigant – An Update on a Promising Methyl Bromide Alternative from Agraquest, Inc

Browne, Greg T. (64)- Prunus Replant Disease in California and Its Management without Methyl Bromide

Culpepper, Stanley S. (65)- Methyl Bromide Alternatives Being Identified in Georgia

Rodriguez-Kabana, R. (66)- Inorganic Azides as Alternatives to Methyl Bromide in the Fumigation of Soils: a Review

Richards, Douglas J. (67)- Update on Sodium Azide-Based Pesticides

Robinson, Philip W. (68)- Dimethyl Disulfide (DMDS) a Methyl Bromide Replacement Candidate

Lindsay, Bruce (69)- An Alternative to Fumigation of Crops with Methyl Bromide Using Propane

Leyes, Gregory A. (70)- Nematode Control and Properties of Fosthiazate, a Methyl Bromide Alternative

Warren, Morris (71)- Propylene Oxide, A Soil Sterilant with Potential as a Methyl Bromide Replacement

Johnson, Judy (72)-Development of a Systems Approach for U.S. Cherries Exported to Japan

Siegel, Joel P. (73)-Post Harvest Use of Biological and Chemical Agents to Control Navel Orangeworm

Subramanyan, Bhadriraju (74)-Methods for Optimizing Structural Heat Treatments: A Case Study

Navarro, Shlomo (75)- Novel Non-Chemical MB Alternatives for Postharvest Treatments

Ferizli, Ahmet G. (76)- Mortality of All Life Stages of saw/toothed Grain Beetle Held Under Vacuum

Marcotte, Michelle (77)- Ghana – Irradiation as a Quarantine Method for Export Development

Mitcham, Elizabeth (78)- Insect Control and Walnut Quality Following Large-Scale Industrial Radio Frequency Treatments

Arthur, Frank (79)- Susceptibility of Different Life Stages of Tribolium spp. To Pyrethrin Aerosol

Kostyukovsky, Moshe (80)- Novaluron – a New IGR for Stored Product Pest Control

Kostyukovsky, Moshe (81)- Phytochemicals as Fumigants and Repellents Against Stored Product Insects

Mueller, John (82)- Six Years of Field Experience Using SF on Grain and Food Processing Facilities

Hulasare, Raj (83)- Comparison of Heat Treatment Methods in Structures

Hosoda, Ed (84)- Technology Transfer of Profume™ Gas Fumigant

Maier, Dirk (85)- Development of Comprehensive Structural Fumigation Models

Neven, Lisa (86)- Controlled Atmosphere Temperature Treatment System (CATTS): A History and Summary of Treatments of Apples and Stone Fruit

Yahia, Elhadi M. (87)- Development of Quarantine Systems for Tropical Fruits Using Controlled Atmospheres

Mitcham, Elizabeth (88)- Controlled Atmosphere/Temperature Treatments to Control Codling Moths in Bartlett Pears

Brown, Gordon (89)- Maintaining Apple Fruit Quality with CATTS Disinfestation Treatment

Lurie, Susan (90)- Control of Mediterranean Fruit Fly on Citrus with CATTS Technology

Leach, Peter (91)- Non-Chemical Treatments for Control of Fruit Fly in Tropical Fruit

Obenland, David (92)- Fruit Quality Issues Associated with Development of a Commercial CATTS Treatment

Lawrence, Frank (93)- FoodPro VHT/DHT & CATTS Post Harvest Alternative Treatment to Methyl Bromide

Black, Dan (94)- Development of CATTS Technology: A Controls Perspective

Vroom, Nico (95)- Improved Treatment Times for Controlled Atmospheres in Stored Product Pest Control

Van Sickle, Gary W. (96)- CATTS: An Industry Perspective

De Lima, C.P.F. (97)- Fumigation of Table Grapes with Ethyl Formate Against Quarantine Pests

Griffith, Tom (98)- Propylene Oxide, A Versatile Fumigant, A Safe Insecticide

Isikber, Ali A. (99)- Potential Use of Ozone at High Concentration for Rapid insect and Microbial Disinfestation of Durable Commodities

Glennon, Dennis (100)- Approved Infrared Fumigation Monitors for USDA/APHIS/PPQ and Dow AgroSciences

Ferizli, Ahmet G. (101)- Time/Dose Mortality of Low Level Phosphine to Almond Moth

Emekci, Mevlut (102)- Efficacy of Phosphine as an Alternative to Mebr Against Dried Fruit Beetle

Muhareb, Jeannette (103)- Evaluation of Combining Sulfuryl Fluoride, Propylene Oxide & CO2 for Stored Product Insects

Campbell, James F. (104)- Evaluation of Two Fumigants for Rapid Treatment of Packaged Seeds

Bookout, Anne (105)- Commercial Use of Profume® on Stored Cocoa Beans

Klementz, Dagmar (106)- Sulfuryl Difluoride to Control Toward Immature Life Stages of Ephestia elutella (Hübner)

Prabhakaran, Suresh (107)- Commercialization and Adoption of Profume Gas Fumigant

Schilling, M.W. (108)- Methyl Bromide Use to Combat mite Infestation in Dry-cured Ham During Production

Reichmuth, Ch. (109)- Side Effects of Methyl Bromide on Pharmaceuticals After Fumigation in Containers

Saxena, Ramesh C. (110)- Practical Applications of Neem Against Pests of Stored Products

Ndalut, P. (111)- Insecticidal Activity of Acetyl Moraldehyde and Agauriasterone from Agauria salicifolia

Kokalis-Burelle, Nancy (112)- Efficacy of Midas for Control of Meloidogyne incognita on Celosia in Florida

Rosskopf, Erin (113)- Midas Demonstration Plots in Bell Pepper

Candole, Byron (114)- Distribution and Efficacy of Methyl Isothiocyanate in Plastic-Mulched Soil Beds

Johnson, Wiley (115)- Yellow Nutsedge Control with Metham-Sodium in Transplanted Cantaloupe

Shrestha, Anil (116)- Surface Water Applications for Reducing Emissions from Telone C35: Their Effect on Weeds

Shrestha, Anil (117)- Weed Species Emergence Patterns under Methyl Bromide and Alternative Fumigants in Fruit Nurseries

Bogoescu, Marian (118)- Alternatives to Methyl Bromide Fumigation for Tomatoes in Romania Greenhouses

Gerik, James (119)- Evaluation of Emerging Alternative Chemicals for Control of Pathogens and Weeds

Gao, Suduan (120)- Soil Fumigation and Surface Seal Methods on 1,3-dichloropropene and Chloropicrin emissions in an Orchard Replant Field Trial

Gao, Suduan (121)- Trapping Efficiency of Cis-1,3-dichloropropene by XAD-4 Sorbent Tubes for Emission Studies

Arnold, Frank (122)- Detection Tubes for New Fumigants

Chellemi, Dan (123)- Telone C-35 Demonstration Trial in Eggplant

Qin, Ruijun (124)- The Effect of Ammonium Thiosulfate on Reducing Fumigant Concentration under Tarp

McDonald, Jason (125)- Reduction of Fumigant Emissions Using Chemical and Organic Amendments

Hanson, Brad (126)- Evaluation of Reduced Methyl Bromide Rates in Perennial Crop Field Nurseries

Grey, Timothy (127)- Residual Herbicide Dissipation for Bare-soil Verses Soil under Low Density Polyethylene Mulch

Webster, Theodore (128)- Glyphosate Hinders Nutsedge Tuber Production

Webster, Theodore (129)- Lack of Nutsedge Efficacy when Halosulfuron is applied through Drip Irrigation

Little, Daniel (130)- Herbicide Alternatives to Methyl Bromide in Conifer Seedling Production

Little, Daniel (131)- Herbicide Alternatives to Methyl Bromide in Herbaceous Perennial Production

Sams, Carl (132)- Mustard Meal Biofumigation of Soils in Strawberry Production

Sams, Carl (133)- Biofumigation of Tomato Plots Alters Soil Microbial Community Structure

Fravel, Deborah (134)- Tomato Phenolics Altered by Biocontrol and Plant Pathogenic Fusarium oxysporum

Tursun, Nihat (135)- Bio-Herbicidal Effects of Thyme Essential Oil and Carvacrol on Different Weed and Crop Species

Nyczepir, Andrew P. (136)- Evaluation of Tall Fescue for Resistance to Root-Knot Nematode in Peach

Becker, Ole (137)- Bioassays for Detection and Analysis of Prunus Replant Suppression

Ryan, Robert (138)- Sterigas & Cosmic: Update on Proposed New Fumigants

Ryan, Robert (139)- Vapormate: A Niche Methyl Bromide Alternative

Toews, Michael (140)- Efficacy of Aerosols for Managing the Red Flour Beetle

Nikpay, Amin (141)- Laboratory Studies Evaluating the Insecticidal Efficacy of Six Diatomaceous Earth Formulations, as Structural Treatments, on Galvanized Steel Surfaces, Against Two Species of Coleoptera

Simpson, Tiffanie (142)- Silicone-Based Surface to Control Pests on Harvested California Cherries

Griffith, Tom (143)- The New Propylene Oxide Improves Pre and Post Harvest Uses

Isikber, Ali (144)- Propylene Oxide: A Potential Quarantine and Pre-Shipment Fumigant for Disinfestation of Nuts

Park, Min-Goo (145)- HCN with Forced Aeration in Imported Oranges

Mack, Ron (146)- Alternative Quarantine Treatments for Hitching Snails

Tubajika, Kayimbi M. (147)- Efficacy of Sulfuryl Fluoride and Methyl Bromide against Wood-Inhabiting Fungi

Winborn, Ian (148)- The CPHST Quarantine Treatment Portal

Levang-Brilz, Nichole (149)- Irradiation as a Component of a Proposed IPPC Phytosanitary Treatment Manual

Kobara, Yuso (150)- Simple Estimation Method for Fumigants Gas Permiation Rates by Cup Method

Roberts, Daniel (151)- Use of Natural Products for Suppression of Soilborne Diseases of Cucumber

Maier, Dirk (152)- Ozonation as a Non-chemical Stored Product Protection

Olsen, Bernard (153)- MIDAS® EUP Field Update


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