2008 Annual International Research Conference on Methyl Bromide Alternatives and Emissions Reductions

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Culpepper, Stanley (7) - DMDS or the 3 – Way: Which is More Effective in Georgia.

Chellemi, Dan (8) - Field Validation of a Fumigant Alternative to Methyl Bromide.

Welker, Rob (9) -On-Farm Research and Extension Activities to Implement MB Alternatives: An Area Wide Initiative Update.           

Noling, J. W. (10) - Large Scale Demonstration Trialing of Methyl Bromide Alternatives in Florida Strawberry.

 Fennimore, Steven, (11) - Facilitating Adoption of Alternatives to Methyl Bromide in California.  

Browne, Greg (12)- Integrated Preplant Alternatives to Methyl Bromide for Almonds and Other Stone Fruits.

Quicke, Marie (13) - 2008 Area-wide Demonstration of Alternatives: Forest Nurseries in the Southern US.

Wang, Dong (14) - Methyl Bromide Alternatives for Vineyard Replant.

Weiland, Jerry (15) - Methyl bromide Alternatives in Oregon and Washington Forest Tree Nurseries.

Kluepfel, Dan (16) – Examination of Preplant Methyl Bromide Alternatives in a Walnut Tree Replant Site.

Ajwa, Hussein (17) - Fumigant Emissions Reduction by Using Low Permeability Film and Thiosulfate Water Seal.

Yates, Scott (18) - Update of Film Permeability Measurements for USDA-ARS Area-wide Research project.

Upadhuaya, Shrini K. (19) - Tree Planting Site–Specific Fumigant Application To Control Almond Replant Disease.

Chellemi, Dan O. (20) - Improved Retention of a Soil Fumigant During Solid Tarp Application.

Sumner, Paul E. (21) - Soil Moisture Effects on Emission of Chloropicrin and Dimethyl Disulfide.

Gao, Suduan (22) - Dynamic Flux Chamber Systems for Fumigant Emission Measurements.

Yates, Scott (23) - Reducing Field-Scale Emissions of 1,3-D with Sequential Surface Irrigations.

Noling, J. W. (24) - Measuring Fumigant Concentrations and Persistence in Soil with PID – VOC Detectors.

Hanson, Bradley D. (25) - Pest Control with California Approved Nursery Stock Certification 1,3-D treatments.

Walters, Thomas (26) - Methyl Bromide Alternatives for Raspberry Nurseries.

Stoddard, C. Scott (27) - Methyl Bromide Fumigation Alternatives for Sweet Potato Hotbeds in California.

Rosskopf, Erin (28) - Area-wide Demonstration of Chemical Alternatives to Methyl Bromide for Florida Ornamentals.

Klose, Susanne (29) - Pest Control in Field-grown Ranunculus without Methyl Bromide.

Ntow, William Joseph (30) - Monitoring of Chloropicrin Field Emissions from Shank Applications at Shallow and Deep Injection Sites.

Qin, Ruijun (31) - Shank Designs and Soil Surface Treatments on 1,3-D Emissions in a Nursery Field Trial.

Yates, Scott (32) - Reducing Field-Scale Emissions of 1,3-D with Composted Municipal Green-Waste.

Wang, Dong (33) - Reducing 1,3-D and Chloropicrin Emissions with Subsurface Drip and VIF.

Gao, Suduan (34) - Emissions of 1,3-Dichloropropene and Chloropicrin From Soils with Manure Amendment and Post-Fumigation Water Treatment.

Ajwa, Hussein (35) - Testing Film Permeability to Fumigants Under Laboratory and Field Conditions.  

Leahy John /Steven Weiss (59).

Villahoz, Marcello D. (37) - TIF (Totally Impermeable Film): An Innovative Film for Mulch, Broadcast Fumigation and Greenhouses in Agriculture.

Chow, Edgard A. (38) - Properties of EVOH and TIF Films for the Reduction of Fumigant Dosage and VOC Emission.

McKown, Clem (39) - Paladin ฎ - Dimethyl Disulfide as a Replacement Soil Fumigant for Methyl Bromide.

Du Fretay, Gael (40) - Promising Results in Europe with DMDS for Soil Fumigation.

Welker, R. M. (41) - Paladin as a Methyl Bromide Alternative in Tomatoes: Drip vs. Shank Application Methods.

Rodriguez-Kabana, Rodrigo (42) - Pesticidal Properties of Hydrogen Cyanamide: a Nonfumigant Water Soluble Compound.

Olsen, Bernard (43) - Midasฎ Soil Fumigant Update – Commercial Use and Results.

Sances, F. V. (44) - Expanded Field Testing & Commercial Development of Symmetryฎ Fumigant Application Technology.

Noling, J. W. (45) - Determining Metham Sodium lethal Dosage for Nematodes in Grower Field Microplots.

Norton, Jack A. (46) - Metam Combinations as Alternatives to Methyl Bromide in US-Grown Strawberries and Mulched Vegetables.

Sullivan, David (47) - Advancements in Emission Assessment and Dispersion Modeling Methods for Metam Sodium.

Griffith, Tom (48) - Propylene Oxide Update.

Busacca, John (49) - Efficacy of XRM-5162 Against Nutsedge (Cyperus Spp) in Small Plot Trials.

Belcher, Jason (50) - Strawberry and Tomato Response to Acrolein.

Welker, R. M. (51) - Drip Applied Acrolein With and Without VIF Mulch as a Methyl Bromide Alternative in Tomatoes.

Lopez-Aranda, Jose M. (53) - Strawberry Production In Spain: Alternatives to MB, 2008 Results.

Simmons, Lee J. (52) - Effects of Drip-Applied Acrolein on Natural Soil Populations of Tricoderma and Fusarium.

Simmons, Lee J. (57) - Efficacy of Granular Pasteuria usage for Controlling Sting Nematodes in Turfgrass and Golf Greens.

Hewlett, T. E. (55) - Pasteuria Field Studies Using Endospores to Control Sting Nematode on Turf.

Simmons, Lee J. (56)- Technical Progress and Commercial Launch of Pasteuria usage for Control of Sting Nematode (Belonolaimus longicaudatus) on Turf and Strawberries.

McSorley, Robert (54) - Methyl Bromide Alternatives for Floriculture Production In A Problem Site.

Fennimore, Steven (58) - Steam and Heat for Soil Disinfestation.

Besri, Mohamed (60) - Cucurbits Grafting as Alternative to Methyl Bromide for Cucurbits Production in Morocco.

Dawson, Jeff & Charles Smith (36).

Louws, Frank J. (61) - Grafting as a Viable Tool to Manage Major Tomato Diseases in the Southeastern USA.

Minuto, Andre (127) – Status of Grafting in Italy.

Kokalis-Burelle, Nancy (63) - Alternative Fumigants and Grafting for Tomato and Double-Cropped Muskmelon Production in Florida.

Kubota, Chieri (64) - A Multidisciplinary Project for Introducing Vegetable Grafting in the U. S. A..

Starkey, Tom (65) - Tolerance of Pine Seedlings to Shank-Injected Nematocides.

Lopez-Aranda, Jose M. (66) - SEMARNAT/UNIDO Demonstrations on MB Alternatives for Strawberry In Baja California ( Mexico), Preliminary results.

Lopez-Aranda, Jose M. (67) - Strawberry Nurseries in Spain:  Alternatives to MB, 2007 Results.

Fennimore, Steven (68) - Soil Disinfestation with Steam and Solarization for Flower and Strawberry.

Lagunas-Solar, Manuel (69)-Disinfection and Disinfestation Approach of Nut and Grain Products with Radiofrequency Power.

Chen, Zhangjing (70) - Efficacy of Vacuum/Steam Treatment of Mold Fungi in Cotton Bales.

Johnson, Judy (71)-Vacuum Treatments for California Tree Nuts.

Ferizli, Guray (72)-Museum Fumigation.

Emekci, Mevlut (73)-Insect Disinfestations of Historic Artifacts by Modified Atmospheres.

Dawson, Jeff (74) - EPA Overview.

Armstrong, Jack (75)-Ozone Fumigation to Control Quarantine Pests in Green Coffee.

van Someren Graver, Jan (76)-QPS Treatments with Methyl Bromide with Minimal Emissions: Is it a Possibility?

Williame, Eddy (77) - Razem a Methyl Bromide Recovering and Zero Emission Modular System.

Brash, Ken (78) – QPS & Residual Gas Extraction Systems.

Fox, Patricia (79)-AFAS: Methyl Bromide and Beyond.

Glennon, Dennis (80)-Update: Automated Web-based Infrared Monitoring for Quarantine Fumigations.

Marcotte, Michelle (81)-Technical Efficacy, Costs and Adoption of Methyl Bromide Alternatives in Flour Mills.

Arthur, Frank (82) - Esfenvalerate Plus Methoprene Aerosol to Control the Indianmeal Moth.

Campbell, James (83) – Evaluating Impact of Structural Fumigation on Pest Populations.

Thoms, Ellen (84) – ProFume Update: Post – Harvest Commercial Acceptance and Performance in the US.

Buckley, Stanislas (85) – Adoption of ProFume in Europe After the Phase Out.

Walse, Spencer (86) – Multifactor Exploration of the Insecticidal Efficacy and Degradation of Sulfuryl Fluoride in Stored Walnuts.

Klementz, Dagmar (87) – Sulfuryl Fluoride Against All Stages of Rust-Red Grain Beetle and Merchant Grain Beetle.

Reichmuth, Christoph (88) – How to Overcome the Egg-Weakness of Sulfuryl Florida - Combinations of Control Methods.

Phillips, Tom (89) – Efficacy of Sulfuryl Fluoride to Control Ham Mites and Red-Legged Ham Beetles.

Sekhon, R. (90) – Chemical Composition of Dry Cured Hams Fumigated with Sulfuryl Fluoride.

Thoms, Ellen (91) – Confirmation of Proposed Sulfuryl Fluoride Quarantine Dosages for Pinewood Nematode Control.

Thoms, Ellen (92) – Sulfuryl Fluoride as a Quarantine Treatment for the Emerald Ash Borer in Firewood.

Brash, Don (93) – Phosphine for Disinfestation of Pine Logs and Sawn Timber from New Zealand.

Kostyukovsky, Moshe (94) – Phosphine Fumigation with Speedbox: Effectiveness and Advantages.

Phillips, Neil (95) – QuickPHlo-R Phosphine Fumigation System - A New, Safer Approach.

Siegel, Joel (96) – Navel Orangeworm Area-Wide Control Program.

van Golen, Jacobien (123) – EcO2 Low-Oxygen Disinfestation of Post Harvest Commodities, Structures, Silos and (Export/Import) Containers.

Hosoda, Ed (125) – ECO2FUME and VAPORH 3 as Methyl Bromide Alternatives.

van Someren Graver, Jan (97) – Efficacy of Ethanedinitile at Low Temperature Against Cereal Pathogens: a Situation Report.

Banks, Jonathan (98) – Ethyl Formate Plus Methyl Isothiocyanate is a Potential Liquid Fumigate for Stored Grains.

Griffith, Tom (99) – Propylene Oxide a Versatile Post Harvest Fumigant.

Muhareb, Jeannette (124) – Evaluation of Combining Sulfuryl Fluoride, Propylene Oxide & CO2 for Stored Product Insect Control.

Westerdahl, Becky (100) - Trap Cropping for Managing Nematodes on Carrots in California.

Hewlett, Thomas (101) - Germination and Infection Rate of in Vitro Pasteuria Spores on Sting Nematode.

Nyczepir, Andrew (102) - Evaluation of Six Common Peach Rootstocks to Meloidogyne Mayagueneis.

Kokalis-Burelle, Nancy (103) - Efficacy of Rootstocks for Control of Meloidogne Incognita on Grafted Tomato and Cantaloupe.

Robinson, Philip (104) - Paladin (Dimethyl Disulfide) Experimental Use Permit Progress Report.

Lopez-Aranda, Jose (105) - Alterbromide: Dissemination of Sustainable Alternatives to Methyl Bromide.

Fennimore, Steve (106) - Evaluation of Acrolein for Pest Control in Tomato.

Kobara, Yuso (107) - Temperature Dependency of Soil Disinfection with Low Concentration of Ethanol.

Walker, Robert (108) - Basamid + Eptam: Replacement for Methyl Bromide in Warm-Season Sod Production.

Muramoto, Joji (109) - Effect of Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation on Weed Seed Germination.

Gerik, James (110) - Dose Response of Agrobacterium Tumefaciens to Soil Fumigants.

Roberts, Daniel (111) - Suppression of Phytophthora Capsici on Bell Pepper with Isolates of Trichoderma.

Ajwa, Husein (112) - Behavior of Methyl Isothiocyanate in Soil after Application of Metam Sodium and Metam Potasium.

Hall, Linda (113) - 1,3-Dichloropropene (Telone): Protecting Bystander & Worker Health.

Qin, Ruijun (114) - Low Permeable Tarps Reduce Emission from Drip-Applied Inline in a Strawberry Field Trial.

Samtani, Jayesh (115) - Continuous Use of Alternative Fumigants for Three Years in Strawberries.

Coosemans, Jozef (116) - Chemical Alternatives of MBr for Use in Greenhouse Grown Lettuce in Belgium.

Ryan, Robert (118) - Recycled Carbon Dioxide – the Veteran & Versatile Pesticide.

Mason, Linda (120) - Insect Pests in Food Plants Prior to, During and Post Sulfuryl Fluoride or Methyl Bromide Fumigation.

Myers, Scott (121) - Efficacy of Phosphine at Low Temperature for Insects of Quarantine Significance.

Vroom, Nico (122) - EcO2 Controlled Atmosphere Used to Control Insects in Sesame Seed from Greece.


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