2010 Annual International Research Conference on Methyl Bromide Alternatives and Emissions Reductions

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McKown, Clem (1) – Paladinฎ - Dimethyl Disulfide as a Replacement Soil Fumigant for Methyl Bromide.

Owens, Clay (2) – Paladinฎ U. S. Registration and UPI Paladin ฎ Soil Fumigation Program.   

McAvoy, Theodore (3) – Retention and Efficacy of Drip Applied Dimethyl Disulfide under VIF and TIF Mulches.       

Othman, Mona (4) – Dimethyl Disulfide Plus Chloropicrin as a Methyl Bromide Alternative for Strawberry Production.

 Cabrera, J. Alfonsos (5) – Factors Affecting the Nematicides Activity of Dimethyl Disulfide.

Freeman, Josh (6) – Retention and Efficacy of Dimethyl Disulfide Under Virtually and Totally Impermeable Films.

Spadafora, V. J. (7) – Iodomethane (Midasฎ) Soil Fumigant Update – 2010.

Poss, Andrew J. (8) – MeI/HFC-245fa Azetrope: a Drop in Replacement for MeBr.

McAvoy, Theodore (9) – Retention and Efficacy if Methyl Iodide Under Virtually and Totally Impermeable Film.

Burger, Greg J. (10) – Crop Guard ฎ as a Nematicide on Food Crops in South Africa.

Hensley, Jerry (11) -- Multiguard Protect ฎ EC Registration for Nematode Control in Turf.

Gao, Suduan (12) – Evaluation of TIF to Reduce Fumigant Emissions and the Potential to Use Reduced Rates.       

Khan, Afiqur (13) – Chloropicrin Emission Reduction by Using Totally Impermeable Film.

Ajwa, H, (14) – Chloropicrin and 1,3-Dichloropropene Emissions Reductions by Using Totally Impermeable Film.

Chow, Edgar (15) – TIF Mulch Film – the Leading Fumigant Emission Tool.

Noling, Joseph W. (16) – VIF Mulches, Optimized Irrigation and Tillage Practices for Fumigant Use in Florida Strawberry.

Dew, J. Thurman (17) – Chloropicrin and PCN in UK Soils – Pilot Study 2010.

Smith, Charles (18) – Overview of Recent Fumigant Emissions Research.

Triky-Dotan, Shachaf (19) – Dissipation of Soil Fumigants Following Repeated Applications.

Stanghellini, Mike (20) – A Comprehensive Review of Chloropicrin Field Volatility Studies.

Qian, Yaorong (21) – The Permeability of Tarps and the Potential Influencing Factors.

Sullivan, David (22) - Recent Progress Made by Applicators in Reducing Airborne Flux of Metam-Sodium: A Case Study.

Shennan, Carol (23) – Optimizing Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation for Strawberry Production in California.

Klonsky, Karen (24) – Economic Performance of Alternative Preplant Fumigation Treatments for Almonds.

Beede, R. H. (25) -- Update on a Preplant Methyl Bromide Alternatives Trial in a Walnut Replant Site.

Gao, Suduan (26) – Demonstration of Low Permeability Tarp Technology in Soil Fumigation for Perennials.

Hanson, Bradley D. (27) – Pacific Area-wide Program: Current Status of the California Perennial Nursery Sector.

Browne, Greg (28) – Integrated Pre-plant Alternatives to Methyl Bromide for Almonds and Stone Fruits.

Wieland, Jerry (29) – Fusarium and Pythium Populations after Planting in Fumigated Plots.  

Walters, Thomas (30) – Methyl Bromide Alternatives Trials in Raspberry Nurseries.

Wang, Dong (31) – Vineyard Replant Update – Pacific Area-wide Program for Methyl Bromide Alternatives.

Fennimore, Steven A. (32) – Facilitating Adoption of Alternatives to Methyl Bromide in California Strawberries.

Stoddard, Scott (33) – Methyl Bromide Alternatives Show Good Potential for Sweetpotato Hotbeds.

Gerik, James (34) – Calla Lily Production without Methyl Bromide – Pacific Area-wide Program for Methyl Bromide Alternatives.

Chellemi, Dan O. (35) – Monitoring Chloropicrin under Diverse Shank Application Scenarios.

Noling, Joseph W. (36) – USDA ARS South Atlantic Area-wide Program: Large Scale Filed Demonstrations in Florida Strawberry 2009 -2010.

MacRae, Andrew (37) – Development and Implementation of Fumigant REDs Training for the Southeast US.

Quicke, Marie (38) – 2010 Methyl Bromide Alternatives: Forest Tree Nurseries in Southern USA.

MacRae, Andrew (39) – Evaluation of all Components of the 3-WAY System for Use in Central Florida Tomato.

Welker, Rob (40) – Outreach and New Approaches for Methyl Bromide Alternatives through the USDA Area Wide Project.

Wang, Dong (41) – Yield and Water Assessment of Strawberry Production in Raised-bed Troughs.

Noling, Joseph W. (42) – USDA CREES: Methyl Bromide Transitioning in Florida Strawberry Demo Trials 2008 -2010.

Highland, H. Brett (43) – MelonCon WG ฎ and SoilGard 12 G ฎ Used in a Program as a Methyl Bromide Alternative.

Freeman, Josh (44) – Utilization of Grafted Tomato Seedlings for Bacterial Wilt Resistance in Open Field Production.

Louws, Frank (45) – A Multi-Institutional Public and Private Response to Risk Mitigation Measures for Soil Fumigants.

Noling, Joseph W. (46) – Assessing Crop Impact and Sting Nematode Management in Florida Strawberry.

Anil, Sebastian (47) – Life Cycle Analysis of Pallets and Phytosanitary Treatment Methods.

MacRae, Andrew (48) – Sustainability of Methyl Bromide Alternatives – Squash Double Crop.

Vallad, Gary (49) – Sustainability of Methyl Bromide Alternatives – Tomato and Pepper Initial Crop.

Schilling, Wes (50)-Controlled Atmosphere Treatments to Control Arthropod Pests of American Dry Cured Hams.

Johnson, Judy (51) – Development of Radio Frequency Treatments for Dried Pluses.

Burkes, Charles (52) – Mating Disruption for Navel Orangeworm in Central California Year 3.

Siegel, Joel (53) – Problems Implementing a Systems Approach for Navel Orangeworm in California.

Marcotte, Michelle (91) – MBTOC Views, Research Needs and Myths.

Walse, Spencer  (54) – Mapping Sulfuryl Fluoride Quarantine Control of Amyelois transitells Using Multivariate Modeling.

Emekci, Mevlut (55) – The Efficacy of Sulfuryl Fluoride Against Egg Stage of the Dried Fruit Beetle.

Ferizli, Guray (56) – Does Sulfuryl Fluoride and Heat Combination Overcome the Egg Weakness of Almond Moth?

Thoms, Ellen (57) - Sulfuryl Fluoride as a Quarantine Treatment for Wood Products.

Thoms, Ellen (58) – Sulfuryl Fluoride for Quarantine Treatment of Pinewood Nematode.

Glennon, Dennis (90) – Automated Web-Based Infrared Monitoring System for Milling and Quarantine Fumigations.

Hennessey, Mike (60) -APHIS-PPQ Alternative Quarantine Treatment Methods Development Progress - 2010.

DeLima, Francis (61) – Ethyl Formate + CO2 Fumigation of Table Grapes for Light Brown Apple Moth.

Flingelli, Gabriele (62) – Phosphine Fumigation of Green and Yellow Kiwifruit for Quarantine.

Campbell, James  (63) – Impact of Structural Fumigation on Pest Populations in Food Processing Facilities.           

Arthur, Frank (64) – Residual Efficacy of Pyrethrin-Methoprene Aerosols on Packaging Surfaces.

Holcomb, Mike (65) – An IPM Approach to Methyl Bromide Replacement.

Horn, Pedro (66) – Automated Structural Fumigations with Phosphine Using the Horn Diluphos System.

Hartzer, Michelle (67) – Methyl Bromide, Sulfuryl Fluoride and Heat: Effectiveness Against Red Flour Beetle.

Hosoda, Ed (68) – Update on the Commercial Acceptance of Profume Gas Fumigation.

Williamson, Peter  (69) – Profume at Low Rates on Large Grain Bunkers for Complete Control.

Thoms, Ellen (70) – First Commercial Sulfuryl Fluoride Cocoa Bean Fumigation in the European Union.

Barnekow, David (71) – Profume Gas Fumigant: US and Global Regulatory Update.

Park, Min-Goo (72) - Effect of PH3 + CO2 Mixture as a Quarantine Fumigant in Cut Flowers.

Falco, Joseph (73) - Large Scale Methyl Bromide Recapture for QPS.

Mack, Ron (74) - Efficacy of Radiofrequency Treatment on Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) and Emeral Ashborer (EAB)in Roundwood.

Son, Yerim (75) - A Pilot Study to Apply CATTIS Against the Peach Fruit Moth, Carposina  sasakii, in Apples.

Kokalis-Burelle, Nancy (76) - Grafting for Control of Meloidogyne incognita on Bell Pepper, Tomato and Melons.

Bausher, Michael (77) - Performance of Grafted Tomatoes in Open Field Trials at Two Locations in Florida.

Fennimore, Steven (78) - A Strategy to Sustainably Produce Strawberry without Fumigants.

Sams, Carl (79) - Using Mustard Seed Meal to Biofumigate Strawberry Soil.

Walters, Thomas (80) - Top Ten Things to Know About Methyl Bromide: A Raspberry Nursery Survey.

Lakshman, Dilip (81) - Molecular Identification and Fungicide Tolerance of Rhizoctonia from Turfgrass.

Rosskopf, Erin (82) - Evaluation of Alternatives to Methyl Bromide for Ornamental Crop Production in Florida.

Rosskopf, Erin (83) - Evaluation of Steam for Nematode and Weed Control in Cut Flower Production in Florida.

Rosskopf, Erin (84) - Dvelopment of Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation for Florida Vegetable and Flower Production.

 Hanson, Bradley (85) - Steam Disinfestation as a Methyl Bromide Alternative in California Cut Flower Nurseries.

Dew, Thurman (86) - Chloropicrin and PCN in UK Soils – Pilot Study 2010.

Qin, Ruijun (87) - Effect of Soil Moisture on Emissions and Behavior of Fumigants in Different Textured Soils.

Hewlett, Thomas (88) - Preparation for Commercial Production of Pasteuria spp. to Control Root-Knot Nematode.

Driver, Jim (89) –  Evaluation of Non-Fumigant Based and Drip Applied Nematicides to Manage Root-Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne spp.) on Yellow Squash. _____________________________________________________

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