2012 Annual International Research Conference on Methyl Bromide Alternatives and Emissions Reductions

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James Butler (1) -Methyl Bromide in the Atmosphere: A Scientific Overview and Update 

 Robert Baca (2) – United States QPS Use of Methyl Bromide

Rachel Melnick-Lippart (3)  – USDA NIFA Methyl Bromide Transition Integrated Grants Program

Ajwa, Husein (4) - Determine Emission Reduction Using Totally       Impermeable Film and Waiting Period for Tarp Cutting in a Large Field Fumigation Trial

Chow, Edgard (5) - and Levi Neufeld, The Different Ways TIF Contributes to Sustainable Fumigation

Gao, Suduan (6) - Minimize Emission and Improve Efficacy with Low Permeability Tarp in Soil Fumigation for Perennials

Sullivan, David (7) - Field Testing of the Fumigant Retention Properties of BayFilm® with Pic-Chlor 60®

Thomas, John (8) - A Two-year Tomato Study in Florida Sandy Soil Using Carbonated Telone C35® and Impermeable Films

Fennimore, Steve (9) - Evaluation of an Automatic Steam Applicator in Strawberry

Sances, Frank (10) - Efficacy of a Mustard Based Soil Amendment Mustgrow® in Alternative Crop Systems

Thies, Judy (11) - Resistant Rootstocks for Managing Root-   knot Nematodes in Grafted Watermelons

Warkentin, Dennis (12) - Serenade® Soil (Bacillus subtilis, strain QST 713): Technology and Performance  

Chellemi, Dan (26) - A Systems-based Approach to Developing Non-chemical Alternatives for Florida

Butler, David (13) - Optimizing Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation for Tennessee

Hong, Jason (14) - Insight into Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation Through the Lens of Molecular Biology

Rosskopf, Erin (15) - Status of ASD Development in Florida.

Shennan, Carol (16) - Non-fumigant Strategies for Soilborne Disease Control in California Strawberry Production

Dangi, Sadikshya (17) - Response of Soil Organisms to Dimethyl Disulfide Fumigation

Ajwa, Husein (18) - Strawberry production with Shank and Drip Applied, Paladin®, Midas® and Pic-Chlor 60®

Browne, Greg (19) - Integrated Pre-Plant Alternatives to Methyl Bromide for Almonds and Other Stone Fruits

Fennimore, Steve (20) - Facilitating Adoption of Alternatives to Methyl Bromide in California Strawberries

Gerik, James (21) - Pacific Area Wide Program for Methyl Bromide Alternatives – Ornamentals

Gerik, James (23) - Calla Lily Production with Methyl Bromide Alternatives – Year 2

Hanson, Brad (22) - MB Alternatives Research in California Perennial Nurseries – Where are We After Five Years

Hanson, Brad (24) - Extension Outreach for the Pacific Area-wide Program for Integrated Methyl Bromide Alternatives

Noling, Joseph (25) - Extension Outreach for the South Atlantic Area-Wide Program for Integrated Methyl Bromide Alternatives

Noling, Joseph (27) - USDA ARS South Atlantic Areawide Project: Five Year Summary of Large Scale Filed Demonstrations in Florida Strawberry 2007-12

Culpepper, Stanley (28) - WSP (TE-3): A Potentially New Fumigation System

Santos, Bielinski (29) - Improved Nutsedge Control on Bed Edges with Metam Potassium and Soil Surfactants

Westerdahl, Becky (30) - MCW-2 for Management of Root- knot Nematode on Annual Crops in California

Kokalis-Burelle, Nancy (31) - Alternatives to Methyl Bromide for Nematode Control in Ornamental Crops

Noling, Joseph (32) - USDA ARS Areawide Project: Large Scale Field Demonstrations in Florida Strawberry 2011-2012

Jeffers, Laura (33) - ProFume® Gas Fumigant: Methyl Bromide Alternative for US Log Exports to China

Bailey, Woodward (34) - PPQ Irradiation Program: Current   Status and Research Needs

Liu, Yong-Biao (35) - Oxygenated Phosphine Fumigation for Control of Light Brown Apple Moth

Nendick, Dave (36) - Fumigation Of Giant African Snails (Achatina Fulica) Using Methyl Bromide And Methyl Iodide   

Johnson, Judy (37) - High Temperature CO2 Treatments for Inshell Walnuts           

Mitch, William (38) - Destruction of MB on Activated Carbon using Thiosulfate or Electricity

Hall, Wiley (39) - The Use Of Agricultural By-Products To Capture  Methyl Bromide Following Post-Harvest Fumigation

Chen, Chia-Ying (40) - Catalytic Oxidation For Elimination of Methyl Bromide Fumigation Emissions

McKay, Tanja (41) - Integrated Insect Pest Management in   Rice Mills

Campbell, James (42) -  Evaluating Structural Fumigation Efficacy in Rice Mills

Campbell, James (43) - Spatial Pattern in Aerosol Insecticide Deposition in a Flour Mill

Phillips, Tom (44) - Protecting Hams From The Mite Tyrophagus putrescentiae With Food-Safe Approaches

Phillips, Tom (45) - IPM For The Ham Mite, Tyrophagus putrescentiae: Monitoring With Traps

Thoms, Ellen (46) - Challenges For Development Of A New Fumigant For The Post-Harvest Industry

 Thoms, Ellen (47) - Evaluation Of Profume® In Ambient Air Adjacent To Australian Bulk Grain Storages

Glennon, Dennis (48) - Web Based Fumigation Monitoring for Quarantine Fumigations Part IV

Zilberman, David (49) - The Economic Impacts of Banning Methyl Bromide for Postharvest Uses

Dawson, Jeffery (50) - Introduction to EPA Session

Segawa, Randy (79) – Chilean Fruit Air Monitoring

McAllister, David (80) – Methyl Bromide Worker Exposure and Commodity Fumigations

Panera, Joel (81) – Controlling Indoor Air Concentrations of Methyl Bromide at Delaware River Cold Storage Facilities

Gear, Ian (51) - Research in New Zealand - An update on Research 2011-12

Walse, Spencer (52) - Postharvest Fumigation Research At USDA- ARS

Hennessey, Mike (53) - APHIS Methyl Bromide Alternatives Methods Development Completed 2012

Momma, Noraiki (54) - Effect of Biological Soil Disinfestations on Soil Fungi

Rosskopf, Erin (55) - Grafting Heirloom Tomatoes for Increased Plant Vigor and Virus Tolerance

Kokalis-Burelle, Nancy (56) - Effects of Grafted Heirloom Tomatoes on Parasitic Nematode Populations in an Organic Production System

Mazzola, Mark (57) - Application Sequence and Soil Biology Influence Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation-Induced Disease Suppression

Kobara, Yuso (58) - Biological Soil Disinfestation (BSD) Techniques with Diluted Ethanol

Conkle, Jeremy (59) - Degradation and adsorption of Carbonated Dimethyl Disulfide in Soils with Grape Production in California

Poss, Andrew (60) - Potential Drop-in Replacements for MeBr

Qin, Ruijun (61) - A Micro Spot Injection System for Studying Carbonation to Enhance Fumigant Dispersion in Soil

Weiland, Jerry (62) - Summary of MBA Research in Washington and Oregon: 2008-2012

Beede, Robert (63) - Summary for the Preplant Methyl Bromide Alternatives Trial in a Walnut Replant Site

Hall, Willy (64) - Solid Phase Micro Extraction Fibers for Active or Passive Sampling of Methyl Bromide during Fumigation

Hall, Willy (64) - Solid Phase Micro Extraction Fibers for Active or Passive Sampling of Methyl Bromide during Fumigation

Schilling, M. W. (77) – Effects of Various Food-grade Coatings on Mite Mortality and Sensory Quality of Dry Cured Ham

Schilling, M. W. (78) – Sensory Evaluation and Pest Mortality of Dry Cured Ham Fumigation with Phosphine in a Simulated Aging House

Dagan, Amit - Hishtil Nurseries (82)  - 1+1=3. Grafting: the Nursery Perspective

Louws, Frank – NCSU (83)  - Welcome and project update

Kubota, Chieri - University of Arizona (84) - Emerging       Technologies for Grafting Propagation

Daley, Shawna (65) - Clemson University - Use of Fatty Alcohol Treatment to Increase Total Nonstructural Carbohydrates in Watermelon Rootstock Seedlings

Bausher, Michael - USDA-ARS FL (85) - Getting an Angle   on Grafting Tomatoes

Miller, Sally (66) - Ohio State University - Practices to Prevent Pathogen Transmission during Tomato Grafting Operations

van der El, Wim – ISO (86) – The development of the ISO-Graft 1200

Son, Young-Jun  - University of Arizona (87)  - Simulation-Based Logistics and Economic Feasibility Analysis of Grafting Propagation Operation

Zingel, Bryan – Sakata (88) – Challenges of Breeding Commercial Rootstock Varieties

Roe, Nancy - Farming Systems Research (89) – TBA

Doyle, Alice - Log House Plants (90) - Home Gardeners Discover Grafted Vegetables

Zhao, Xin - University of Florida (91) - Developing Nitrogen Fertilization Recommendations for Grafted Tomato Production

Miles, Carol (67) - Washington State University   -  Managing Verticillium Wilt on Eggplant through Grafting, and Graft Survival in Healing Chambers

Paret, Mathews (68) - University of Florida – Grafting for   Management of Bacterial Wilt and Root-knot Nematodes in Tomato

Rivard, Cary (69) - Kansas State University  - Grafting as   an Integrated Pest Management Technique for Soilborne Disease Management of Tomato

Kleinhenz, Matt - Ohio State University (92) - Rootstock and Grafting Effects on Tomato Fruit Yield and Composition in an Organic, Multi-harvest System

Monica Ozores, Universoty of Florida (93) - On Experiences in South Florida with Grafting and Challenges and Opportunities of the Green-mature Tomato Industry

Perkins-Veazie, Penny – NCSU (94) - Grafting Improves Watermelon Fruit Quality

Hassell, Richard - Clemson University (95) - Effects of Grafted Watermelon Transplants on Fruit Yields, Holding Ability in the Field and Post-harvest Fruit Quality

Spalholz, Hans - University of Arizona (96) - Low temperature tolerance of curcurbit and solanaceae scion and rootstock seedlings toward development of low temperature storage techniques in vegetable grafting

Rivard, Cary (71) - Kansas State University - An economic  analysis of two grafted tomato transplant production systems

 Daley, Shawna (72) - Clemson University - Use of fatty alcohol treatments to prepare watermelon rootstock hypocotyls for grafting

Rosskopf, Erin (73) - USDA-ARS FL - Grafting heirloom tomatoes for increased vigor and virus tolerance

Djidonou, Desire (99)  - University of Florida - Economic analysis of grafted tomato production in sandy soils in Florida

Guan, Wenjing (100)  - University of Florida - Effects of grafting and planting density on yield and fruit size of specialty melons

Freeman, Josh (101)  - Virginia Tech - Resistant rootstocks for root-knot nematode and bacterial wilt management

Chaudhari, Sushila (74) - North Carolina State University – Response of grafted tomato to Metribuzin, Fomesafen S-Metolachlor, Trifluralin,          Napropamide, and Halosulfuron

Kleinhenz, Matt (97)  - Ohio State University – Grafted tomato plant performance in soils differing in management history: fruit yield and quality

Burelle, Nancy (75) - USDA-ARS FL - Root-knot nematode control in grafted heirloom tomatoes in organic production

Lewis, Myles (98) - University of Arizona - Scenario-based economic analyses of different grafting operation sizes

Reid, Judson (76) - Cornell – Grafting for season extension and yield in high tunnel cucumber production in New York


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